Writing from Your Imagination

with Dawn Thompson, Portland Women Writers

Dates: 5 Thursday Evenings, July 14 – August 11
Time: 6:45pm-9:00pm
Cost: $90.00

Location:NW Portland (parking available)

"If the writer's engine is persistence, then her fuel is imagination; unlike real fuel, we have an endless supply of it and it costs nothing. Imagination is there in all of us, waiting to be released."
 -   Anne Bernays

Summer is a time when the imagination wants to take long walks on beaches we have never been. Our imagination longs to sit at cafes in faraway places and see what it's like to inhabit a radically different persona than our self. This workshop is meant to set your imagination in motion. It is also meant to encourage you to draw from the rich well of your life experience for your fiction. We'll experiment with a variety of exercises to help you think in new ways and to support you in discovering your own material. This workshop is an opportunity to experience the joy of creating and to get to hear other women's stories.

No writing experience necessary.

To register or for more information, contact Dawn at: dawn@pdxwomenwriters.com
For more information visit: www.pdxwomenwriters.com

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