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Please join us Saturday, November 12 for an exploration of the meaning of mythology and legacy for writers.

Saturday, November 12

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Personal Mythology in Fiction and Nonfiction with Susan DeFreitas
Among the many anecdotes that make up our personal histories, some stories stand out—stories that exemplify who we are, how we’ve come to know ourselves, and what we value as people. In this creative writing workshop, we’ll explore the power of these stories as source material in both nonfiction/memoir and fiction, drawing on the deep well of our personal mythologies in creating resonant prose.

Building an Author’s Legacy with Ali McCart
It’s natural to want to build a legacy with your work as a writer. The less intuitive part is how to go about doing it. In this workshop, we’ll extend the exploration of your personal mythologies to include the legacies you’ve already (probably unwittingly) created. Then we’ll incorporate all those into a marketing plan that helps you build a supportive fan base, a solid author platform, and a successful profit margin. The rest of the legacy just has to unfold. Writers at any stage in their process will find this workshop helpful.

Indigo proudly offers monthly workshop double features—the first to coach your craft, the second to boost your writing as a business—that combine into three insightful hours for only $50. Preregistration is required. Learn more and register at

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