Digital Bindery, llc Author Workshops
Wilsonville, Oregon (May 3, 2012)
Ebooks have exploded in popularity over the last few years.  Publishers everywhere are struggling to adapt to the chang­ing landscape of the publishing world, and the media is full of reports about the “Death of the Book.” At Digital Bindery, we believe that change is good and that these turbulent times bring opportunity for authors that are prepared and can speak the digital publishing language. This series of classes is aimed at authors who are ready to take the next step into this new landscape. Classes are offered for authors at any level of digital sophistication. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit
All classes are held at the AGC Center just off of i-5, exit 286:
9450 SW Commerce Circle Suite 200, Wilsonville 97070

Microsoft Word for Authors

May 19, 10am-12pm Board Room
Microsoft Word is more than a simple text editor: It is a digital publishing platform with tools that are overlooked and underutilized by most authors. In this two hour workshop, Digital Bindery’s digital publishing experts will move beyond the basics of word processing and discuss how to remove unneeded elements, add global styles, and do everything needed to prepare your manuscript for submission to agents and publishers and to create a file that will be easier to edit, design, and publish—both digitally and in print.
Price: $75

Basic Ebook Boot Camp

June 16, 10am-12pm President’s Room
In this two hour seminar, Digital Bindery’s digital publishing experts will teach you everything you need to know about ebooks from a beginner’s perspective. You will learn the vocabulary of digital publishing, the differences between ebook formats and ebook readers, why we need so many ISBNs for one book, how to navigate through digital rights management issues, the limitations and benefits of ‘going digital,’ and how to make the best creative and business decisions for your specific work.
Price: $75

I have an Ebook, Now What?

July 21, 10am-2:30pm (Lunch break 12:00-12:30pm) Conference Room
In this four hour workshop Digital Bindery’s digital publishing experts will teach you how to sell your book from your website and how to set up accounts with ebook retailers. Registrants will be emailed a list of information to bring with you and we will walk you through creating an account, uploading a file, and submitting changes with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple.
Price: $125

I have a Website, Now What?

August 18, 10am-2:30pm (Lunch break 12:00-12:30pm) Conference Room
In this four hour workshop, Digital Bindery’s digital publishing experts will teach authors how to turn their website from a simple blog into a social media hub and online bookstore. We will give tips and tricks for Search Engine Optimization (how to get your website to come up first in Google searches), explore recommended plugins for ecommerce and social media, and teach best practices for scheduling blog posts, connecting with twitter and Facebook, and developing a community of fans.
Price: $125

Digital Bindery, llc is a Portland based company that was started to ad­dress the growing reader frustration with low quality ebook conversions. The company is focused on providing publishers and independent authors with the resources and skills they need satisfy and delight their customers. Digital Bindery provides high quality, personalized, digital conversion services with particular attention to emerging digital standards, optimizing text for digital display, and creating a seamless and im­mersive experience for readers

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