December 11, 2012 will be the 90th anniversary of Grace Paley's birth. Grace was one of our most committed, hopeful & joyous activists; one of the greatest short fiction writers ever to use American English; a notable poet and essayist - and a serious ping-pong player.

Come to a party celebrating Grace's life and work - bring your friends and neighbors, your colleagues and pals.

Watch an award-winning documentary film -
Grace Paley: Collected Shorts check out the trailer - -you can get a copy of the DVD at this site


Hear a posse of Portlanders reading Grace’s poems & stories & essays ......
Ben Parzybok ... Constance Hall ... Harold Johnson ... Khanh Pham ... Laura Moulton ...Liz Woody ... Michael Heald ... Sandy Polishuk ... Steve Williams ... with Judith Arcana as MC

The Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton in Portland, Oregon on 12/11/12
Take public trans - buses 10 & 4

. free admission - courtesy of generous theater owners & filmmaker
. popcorn, candy & drinks for sale at the counter + free birthday cake

This event is supported by a grant from Soapstone.
GRACE PALEY: 1922 - 2007more about Grace

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