Indigo Editing: March Double Feature

We at Indigo Editing & Publications are proud to welcome Liz Prato and Jessica Glenn as guest instructors of our Saturday, March 16, classes. We value individual attention. Classes are presented in a small-group format at Indigo's offices in downtown Portland (near Powell's Burnside) to ensure participants have a close connection with the instructor. To further that mission, we offer class participants 15 percent off a one-hour consultation with an Indigo editor, to be scheduled within thirty days after the class.

Preregistration and payment are required at  Saturday, March 16

Narrative Nonfiction,
Liz Prato of The Attic Institute
1:00–2:30 p.m., $45, or $70 if paired with the other class

This is not your high school essay! It’s lyric essay, memoir, literary journalism and creative nonfiction. Come again? Okay: Narrative nonfiction blends facts with the storytelling techniques of fiction to keep the reader engaged while discovering a new world. We’ll discuss what narrative nonfiction is, and isn’t, and will relish examples from modern masters of the form.  

Book Publicity for Authors, Jessica Glenn of MindBuck Media
2:45–4:15 p.m., $45, or $70 if paired with the other class

Book publicity is different than any other type of publicity and often seems to authors like an option rather than a necessity. Before considering your book release date or even contacting agents and publishers, you will need a watertight marketing and publicity plan. Without it, statistically, you are highly unlikely to find receptive agents, publishers, and ultimately readers. You are also unlikely to sell more than 50–150 books total. In this class, Jessica Glenn will lead you through the phases of book publicity from six months before the release date to three weeks after the launch. Learn how book publicity can make the best use of bloggers; how to use radio, print, and TV to your advantage; and why and when to organize book tours. This class is best suited to authors with finished or close-to-finished manuscripts who plan to pitch, authors who already have publishers, or authors who are independently publishing but need to plan their release. 

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