Literary Arts Classes at Multnomah Arts Center

Don't miss these three upcoming Literary Arts workshops at the Multnomah Arts Center!
Space available in Revision--Getting Beyond I Like It, starting either May 6 or May 17th; in Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography on the weekend of May3 and 4; and on June 1 for Reading in the Rain--Performing Your Prose or Poetry.
MAC, located in SW Portland, is a part of Portland Parks and Recreation. Literary Arts classes are available to all levels of students and scholarships are available based on income. Please call (503) 823-3187 to register.
Revision—Getting Beyond “I Like It” with Judith Pulman
Does the diction in your poem match its tone? Need help expunging clich├ęs from your memoir? Does the meaning of your short story show? Discover tools, tricks, and secrets to polish any piece of writing while learning how to offer peers supportive, constructive feedback. Literary journals and other less obvious venues for getting your work out there will be explored.
Poetry 395924  Mon.  7 - 9 pm   May 6 - Jun. 3   $64 [4 classes] 
Prose  396734  Fri.  10 am - 12 pm   May 17 - Jun. 7   $64 [4 classes] 
Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography with Nancy Linnon
Take a weekend to explore indelible moments—those that connect you to the mysterious, the numinous, and the un-nameable (or whatever name you use). Use exercises and readings as a springboard to re-inhabit and record spiritual experiences, whether dramatic or ordinary. Write your life using a lens that reveals patterns, meaning, and surprise. All levels.
400055  Fri.  6:30 - 9:00 pm & Sat.  10:00 am – 4 pm
May 3 & 4   $82 [2 classes]
Reading in the Rain—Performing Your Prose or Poetry with Dan Raphael
Do you wish that you could read your work with less fear and mumbling, more energy and applause? The words you write can show you how to say them. Develop strategies for performing your work, consider ways to use your “outside” voice, engage the audience, and project in a variety of environments. Read both poetry and prose, discussing how these formal differences can affect a performance. Bring a page of someone else’s work, a page or two of your own, and a pencil.
397655  Sat.  1:00 – 3:30 pm
Jun. 1   $15 [1 class]

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