Sitka Center Writing Classes

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology is located on the central Oregon coast at Cascade Head Ranch.

The 2011 schedule includes a dozen writing classes:

May 28-29:  Kim Stafford: Writing the Understory (waitlist only)
June 5-6: Melissa Hart: Travel Articles and Essays
June 13-15: Anne Beaufort: Creative Nonfiction (waitlist only)
July 7-10: Stephanie Arnold: Writing the Dramatic Monologue
July 15-17: Jennifer Boyden/Heather Swan: Joy Makes Poems
July 26-27: Jennifer Lauck: Nature as Teacher
August 12-14: Sarah Rabin: Writing at the Edge (8/6-7); Joanne Mulcahy: Writing about Art, Creativity & Community
August 22-23: Eleanor Berry: Writing Poems of Plants & Animals
August 27: Clemens Starck: Digging for Poetry
September 14: Brian Doyle: Storycatching
November 16: Kim Stafford: Voice for the Artist’s Vision (in Portland).

Descriptions, cost, logistics, registration and more:

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