Write to Publish Conference

Are you tired of hearing, “no”? Do you wonder how to get an agent or if you even need one? Are you tired of going to the same type of writing conferences; teaching you how to write, how to develop your characters and the correct formula for plot, climax, and ending? Have you ever said aloud, “I wonder if I need an agent?” or, “Which publishing companies should I submit my manuscripts to?” Write to Publish is unlike any conference you’ve ever attended. Instead of focusing on the craft of writing, we explore to process of getting published. Our primary goal at Write to Publish is to demystify the publishing process for writers. Write to Publish is a two day conference taking place over the weekend of May 21st and 22nd.
The first day of Write to Publish includes two tracks of four workshops, each workshop is a hour and fifteen minutes long. You may choose to come to one, two or three workshops.

The price for students is $28 and non-students is $35 per workshop, or to the whole day is $100 for students and $120 for non-students. Purchasing the whole day will give you a free ticked to day two of the conference.

If you have ticket questions please contact events@ooliganpress.pdx.edu .

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