Writing Yourself Raw: How and Why to Break the Rules in Fiction and Nonfiction

Instructor: Lidia Yuknavitch 
Location: Crow Arts Manor (at Milepost 5) 
Date: August 27th, 1100am-3:00pm 
Cost: $40

In this workshop we will interrogate key rules of fiction and nonfiction and learn why and how we must break them from time to time. We will discuss and collaborate on the topic, and writers will do in class writing and reading of original works. Participants will leave the workshop with the beginning of a new project, as well as resources for future publishing.

More info: http://www.crowmanor.org/schedule-of-classes

Lidia Yuknavitch is an accomplished fiction writer, university creative writing instructor, revisionist historian, feminist, editor, publisher of Chiasmus Press  and an executive force behind FC2. In her latest book, The Chronology of Water, she adopts the role of rebel memoirist, pouring for us a powerful, fluid portrait of family dissolution, the love of her early life, and the loss of that love.

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